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....drug dealin just to get by....

Today I worked from 7am till 4pm. It was so tiring! Also it was too hot and I felt weird and then was sick =( But I didn't tell anyone =S

Tomorrow I'm going away with Andrew to Killin (up North) =D I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited!!! Been packing all night and I've just gotta get some stuff ready in the morning (straightners, make up etc) I bought stuff today so we can have a picnic half way there =) I'm soooooo excited!! Made some cds for the car tonight =) It's like a 3 hour drive but it'll be ok if we stop for a picnic =D

I think I'm getting a double bed! I'm so excited about it (how sad) but I'll actually love it so much if I get one!!

Going for a shower just now and then either going out or going to bed, depends if someone phones/txts me.
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