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Ok so I'm fucking raging.

Went into work on Friday and Mel told me I was off on Sunday so I was all cheery and made plans. Went in on Saturday and checked the rota and I was in on Sunday!!! So I asked Louise if she could cover my shift n she said yeh. I also asked Kelly if she could do my shift on Monday (today) coz I've got a whole art sketchbook to do for Thursday for advanced higher art and if I don't get it done then I'm fucked basically. So Mary phones me and is like "Hi, I just phoned Kelly to see if she could come in and do a shift today coz we are short of people but she said she's doing ur shift but it wasn't marked up on the rota so u've gotta come in at 1 coz u can't ask for 2 days off in a row at such short notice" so I was like "I only saw the rota on Saturday" and she said "well it was done on Tuesday so u should've checked" and I said "I was off on Wednesday and Thursday" and she said "well u should have phoned in and checked."  FUCKIN WIT!!!!!

Also, I've worked from 9am, every Saturday since 15th January. What a fucking joke its not fair coz I was asked to come in 1 Saturday and do it and now I've done it all that time. Also, I said at the beginning of the holidays (when I got asked when I could work) I would like to work during the week and have weekends off coz there was no point in me working weekends when thats when Andrew is off. Mary said sure no problem when the new people are till trained. The new people have been till trained for ages now and I've only had 1 weekend off and that was when I was on holiday.

I worked wed 3rd, thurs 4th, fri 5th, sat 6th, sun 7th, mon 8th, tues 9th. That looks like 7 fucking days in a row to me. And when they phone me up and say "can u come in at 9 instead of 12" I always do it or come in at like 10 or 11.

I'm going to speak to Mary today coz I'm fucking pissed off. I cancelled my driving lesson today coz I'm so tired and so stressed out so that I could get everything done. I txt Andrew last night and said "I'm only sad cuz im so tired n jus feel like ive no time to do anythin n its all gettin ontop of me n i jus need 2 sleep n hav time to do my art thing n tidy my room etc so if i get that done tomorrow then il b ok i jus hate havin so much to do n i jus wana curl up in ur bed n sleep n get hugs. love u xxxxxx"

I'm meant to b doing deliveries 2nyt but now I can't. FUCKS SAKE.
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